DUI Law in Modesto, CA

In Modesto, CA, get DUI law help from Roth Legal. We know that sometimes good people make mistakes, but a DUI charge can follow you for many years with consequences that may include fines, the loss of driving privileges, jail time, and even the denial of later job opportunities. When you choose to work with our firm for your DUI case, our goal will be to get these penalties reduced.

We serve not only the local area but also the state of California. Our lawyer can help you:

  • Understand your charges and your rights under the law
  • Identify any illegal police actions that may have occurred at the time of arrest
  • Determine the best possible defense strategy for your case

In our efforts to win your case, we'll use investigators, photography experts, and other specialists whenever needed.

Schedule with Roth Legal now to protect your rights under Modesto, CA, DUI law. We have flexible appointment availability Monday through Sunday, and we can also provide at-home consultations for your convenience. Contact us today.